Upon arrival at Nerstu you immediate face an authentic village store, which offers you an impression of what such stores looked like thirty to eighty years ago. The museum has the traditional interior fittings that separated the customers' space from the space used by the staff. Today, visitors are allowed to move behind the former demarcation line and take a closer look. You will find shelves and drawers with woodgrain surfaces and a marble-effect painted fire surround. You will experience a pleasant atmosphere in a charming environment.

Some of our local visitors may stir up memories of their past, but all visitors will be transported back to a time when trading was conducted over counter and was not self-service as nowadays. Various articles and goods from former times are displayed on the shelves, and in a traditional glass case visitors may recognize sweets that were familiar in their youth.

Although the original bakery building has been lost, the memories of it are still alive. Many local people remember the bakers who worked there, their tempting cakes and pastries, and the smell and the heat from the bakery oven. The bakery had a high reputation and its bread, cakes and pastries, that attracted customers from a wide area. The bakery oven was fired by wood until the early 1970s. The original oven is no longer present, but some of the baking equipment can be seen in the museum. We have also recreated the famous Kalsen biscuits (Kalsenkjeks), which you can see depicted in photo album. As a visitor, you are welcome to taste the real thing.

Upon entering the museum, visitors will be met by the smell of coffee blended with the smell of linseed oil paint. Also the smell of baking will be inviting on days when visitors are expected, as will the smell of wood burning in the fireplace on chilly days. We usually offer coffee and tea (juice for children), and our house brand: the Kalsen biscuit. Often, Ingunn bakes an apple cake or makes waffles, all of which are served with whipped cream or jam.
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