At the museum café you are welcome to sit at a table close to the window, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee while viewing the landscape surrounding the harbour. If you want a broader view of the countryside, you can walk the short distance down to the quay area, where you can enjoy the impressive scenery of a harmonious fjord landscape in which the sloping hills meet the sea. The meadows and woodlands form a diverse landscape. The winding shoreline is characterized by inlets and headlands. On the hilltops you can see farm buildings, on the hillsides you can see family houses and holiday cottages, and even closer to the shore you can see boathouses. Two hundred metres north of the museum, you can experience marina activities in the harbour used by small vessels.
One kilometre along the road from Venneshamn to Skarnsund Bridge you can stop to look at ancient rock carvings at Kvennavika, a few hundred metres from the sign on the road. The carvings, which date from the Neolithic or Bronze Age, lie at an altitude of 24 metres above current sea level and compromise 12 fish arranged roughly in a semi-circle. The fishes are thought to be halibut, and as such the group is unique among rock carvings in Scandinavia.

When driving or sailing along the strait connecting Beistadfjorden with Trondheimsfjorden you cannot avoid experiencing the impressive Skarnsund Bridge. The bridge crosses the narrow strait of Skarnsundet four kilometres to the south of Venneshamn, just before the strait meets Trondheimsfjorden. At the time of its completion in 1991, the Skarnsund Bridge was the world's longest cable-stayed bridge.
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